Gardner Property Solution Legacy

Gardner Property Solutions was founded in 2014 by CEO Neil Gardner. Neil and his shareholders have been in property development, investment and marketing for four decades in South Africa’s premier cities. During that time, they have worked on a portfolio of prime residential, retail, office and mixed-use developments and refurbishments across South Africa’s premier cities.

As a result, the GPS team has between them an industry reputation of providing smart, sustainable property solutions. Along with their established professional network that includes key figures in property, the team and the professionals they work with have helped create iconic and award-winning developments and refurbishments to deliver sound returns for investors.

The team’s combination of years of experience and breadth of knowledge means GPS has a finely tuned range of services and best practices, providing their clients with cutting-edge development solutions in line with bespoke investment and expansion strategies.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

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Team Members

Neil Gardner
Neil GardnerCEO

Neil Gardner’s property career has spanned 40 years, and he’s worked at Old Mutual Properties, Richard Ellis and Stocks & Stocks Properties.

The projects he’s been involved in over the years have won industry awards, particularly for their innovative approach to refurbishments. Mutual Heights and Cartwright’s Corner in the Cape Town led the way in the conversion of tired office buildings to residential apartments. In Johannesburg and Pretoria, a joint venture with the Wapnick family resulted in a roll out of office to apartment conversions.

Ken Lewis
Ken LewisFinancial Modelling Director

Ken has been involved in asset management since 1996 in a variety of investment roles, spending time at Investec Asset Management and Coronation Fund Managers. He has been involved in residential property development since 1998, albeit on a smaller scale than Neil Gardner.

Within GPS Ken is involved in the financial modelling and assessment of projects; finance facilitation with commercial banks and other financial institutions; and financial structuring of projects to maximise investment returns for investors and owners within acceptable risk constraints.

John Gardner
John GardnerMarketing Director

With over 18 years’ experience in digital marketing, John has worked with brands across all major digital platforms and has a deep understanding of the interconnectivity of the digital landscape and how to harness digital media power to get the best business results.

At GPS, John creates and directs corporate real estate marketing solutions.

Patrick Gardner
Patrick GardnerDirector

After 12 years in private medical practice, Patrick’s diagnostic approach to property challenges is key to identifing opportunities. His ability to spot value and his understanding of the three dimensional nature of property development unlocks client-focused solutions for under utilised property.

Michelle du Toit
Michelle du ToitProject Manager

Michelle started her career in property development in 2002, with Old Mutual Properties. After twelve years as development manager, she joined Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as a senior project manager.

Now, in her role at GPS, she offers development management, project co-ordination and sustainability consulting as well as green building ‘Green Star’ certifications and advice.

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